Streams and rivers have surrounded my Adelaide home since I was seven years old. At that age my family moved South-East of the city near a gorgeous spot called Brownhill Creek. It has since, always been my desired dog-walking location and visited frequently by my dad and I when I was younger. A run-off stream of another up-hill water source even makes it’s way through a tunnel under my street and through part of our jungle-like front yard. This personal creek is often dry throughout the year but when a heavy downpour of rain comes, it gushes to life.

The action of carving these river lines feels almost like the rain making its path when it hits the earth. I create each line without an exact plan of its route, instead I let my carving tool glide its way through the soft clay in any which way my hand desires. The rain itself follows the flow of the rivers as if they never left their single droplet forms upon landing in the stream and, instead, are gushing down the creeks, streams and rivers from a downpour like a rollercoaster.